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The communication arena is perpetually changing, as Operators, Distributors and Service Providers alike are forever implementing new services and looking for new applications to offer their customers, as well as to gain further customer footprint in these areas. Together with Technicolor (previously Thomson) and the state of the art product and solutions technology, we can help the respective players in the industry to provide the necessary service and applications to deliver "Quad Play Services", Voice, Data, Video, and Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC).

It is no longer about just supplying "black boxes" that will sustain ones business, but the application services that one can offer, as we have the expertise to provide an End to End (E2E) solution for our customers. This entails by being involved in Content Captialisation, service and delivery of media applications, such as IPTV, entertainment etc. as well as providing the hardware and associated Router / Gateway products.

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xDSL Gateways & Professional Services
The portfolio consists of a complete range of residential and business products, including gateways, high-speed modems, networking gear and the software and services to maximize end-user satisfaction and minimize operator costs.

xDSL Gateway  
ADSL Residential Wired GatewaysWhether connecting one or multiple computers, a simple and flexible ADSL gateway connecting through USB or Ethernet ports can be used to connect to virtually any device...

ADSL / 3G Failover GatewaysWith ADSL / 3G failover gateways network downtime is the thing of the past. Intelligent switching between ADSL and 3G ensures connectivity to the Internet.

ADSL Residential Wireless GatewaysWith residential Wi-Fi gateways, users can experience wireless freedom at lightning-fast speeds. These gateways provide unmatched peace-of-mind solutions embedding 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN access point with integrated ADSL...

ADSL Voice over IP GatewaysIADs are the ultimate DSL broadband access devices in digital connectivity and voice communication that allow ADSL access while providing voice over IP functions for home and office users.

FemtoA FemtoCell 3G IP Gateway delivering multimedia services to a home network over any 3G handset.

Business xDSL RoutersBusiness Gateways are a family of business-class high performance routers and have been designed for Corporate/SMEs and SOHOs, and offer plenty of possibilities through a complete set of business features

Access Products - VDSL and FibreFor access speeds beyond ADSL, VDSL and Fiber Gateways: the era of multiple High-Definition IPTV-channels, uploading personal pictures and videos onto the internet, videoconferencing, high-quality gaming, etc. at your fingertips.

Networking AccessoriesThe Networking Accessories are designed to collect broadband digital content from your DSL Gateway and to distribute it throughout the home and office, opening up a new dimension in entertainment and productivity.

Filters and SplittersThis section encompasses the filters, splitters and adapters designed to expedite the service delivery and improve the performance of Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) and Home Phone Network (HPN) services.

Lifestyle ProductsFacilitating the sharing of content such as voice, video, data and music on any device, anywhere in a residence. The home networking solution enable broadband operators and its customers to realise the digital home experience.

Cordless DECT TelephonyVia an extended line of telephony Solutions for professional and residential use, Technicolor holds a key position in the telephony market worldwide. Corded or cordless, with DECT, Voice over IP: whatever you are looking for as a telephony solution, we have the answer.

IP Video SolutionsAs a worldwide provider of video systems and decoders for Video over DSL and other IP-Based Networks, Technicolor is helping broadcasters, service providers, integrators to deliver any media content...

AccessoriesMarcom can supply custom made accessories. eg South African Power Supply

Mobile ProductsMobile Gateways, Mobile Phones and Dongles

PSTN PhonesChoose from a variety for phones to spice up your home.

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