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Cordless DECT Telephony

Technicolor's range of corded and cordless phones have all the latest features for residential and professional communications. Improving communication with style and advanced technology, Technicolor works hand-in-hand with broadband operators in the development of customized telephone handset products with value-adding features to support their advanced service offerings like phone mail, caller ID, and more. Technicolor's dedication to working closely with our customers doesn't stop there. Technicolor is committed to supplying innovative information and communications solutions for telecommunication operators, such cooperation is materialized through, for example, co-development of supply chain management and optimum stock level systems.

Technicolor TH52

Technicolor TH52
The Technicolor TH52 is the perfect handset for family and everyday use, as it combines high quality sound and value-added services with a friendly and ergonomic design. Its unique design highlights the product introduction of high technology experience into your customers home environment. The best-in-class 3 Watts loudspeakers allow the users to enjoy outstanding wideband quality sound. The Technicolor TH52 can be integrated in advanced services architecture and gives easy access to useful features. Using the handset is far from difficult: it is easy, efficient and enjoyable.
Technicolor TH58

Technicolor TH58
The Technicolor TH58 is a new generation DECT handset, readily designed as an advanced telephony services handset. With its 4,5 cm (1.8 inch) color display for easy navigation and handy access keys, the Technicolor TH58 is extremely user-friendly: the large color display, navigator and soft keys, the handset offer easy access to advanced call features. The user interface has also been developed to be used as a universal remote control. The TH58 can boast a futuristic design and a big loudspeaker for better audio quality in both receiver and loudspeaker mode: a 3 Watts loudspeaker, an extra large volume case for bass boost and a tight plastic enclosure for perfect accoustics. The High Definition (HD) sound (true wideband audio) ensures CD quality audio.
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