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IP Video Solutions

As a worldwide provider of video systems and decoders for Video over DSL and other IP-Based Networks, Technicolor is helping broadcasters, service providers, integrators to deliver... ... Any content... IP Video end-users enjoy entertainment and communication services by accessing live TV bouquets, video-on-demand catalogs, radio playlists, unified communication and other interactive services such as network gaming, betting and voting. ... Anywhere... Technicolor broadband portfolio allows for TV and on-demand services to be available on both fixed and mobile receivers: PC set, Set top boxes, home TV sets, in-car TVs, cellular phones, PDAs and Portable Media Players. ... Anytime... Through Video-on-Demand, Personal Video Recording and time-shifting services, choosing when to watch a movie or a program is child's play. No more time constraints, no more restrictions; the door is wide open to a whole new dimension in the TV viewing experience. Technicolor is at the forefront of innovation for delivering interactive video services over broadband IP networks such as DSL, Ethernet, and fiber optic - enabling a new breed of video service providers. Please note: The STB and SmartVision information to be inserted in the IP Video solutions page. No need for an additional page......


Technicolor SmartVision
The SmartVision TV service platform is at the heart of the technicolor iptv solution, managing and delivering Live TV, Video on demand and Interactive Services over high-speed networks. SmartVision TV is an open standard service platform that easily interconects with IP multimedia subsystems and telcos back-office systems.
Technicolor Set Top Box

Technicolor Set Top Box
Technicolor worldwide leader in video technologies and IP premises systems provides a very compact and silent DB18500 High Definition IP Digital Video Recorder that enables services providers to deploy video entertainment over IP networks and broaden there offering to customers.
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