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SwissVoice MP03 Mobile Phone

SwissVoice MP03 Mobile Phone
This phones main strength on the market are, great looking design with an executive look, simple to use: big buttons, direct access (slide buttons on the side) to keypad lock, FM radio, LED light and volume. This phone has a market in the elderly people market: 50yo+ people, or the part of people who don't care about internet access, Bluetooth, WiFi etc.
Option iCON XY Dongle

Option iCON XY Dongle
The iCON XY is a full mobile broadband solution combining hardware, software and a simplified supply chain process in one solution. The device itself, an HSPA modem reaching down- and upload speeds up to 7.2Mbps and 5.76Mbps, is very slim, has a new fun to use swivel USB connector and a micro-SD slot for storing applications and files.
Option GlobeSurfer III

Option GlobeSurfer III
Packed with new and unique features, the GlobeSurfer III pushes the boundaries of conventional gateway routers. Using a Qualcomm 7225 chipset, this clever device offers HSUPA at 5.76Mbps and HSDPA at 7.2Mbps, as well as AWS support, making it a forerunner in the bandwidth market. It also provides full telephone functionality, including composing, reading and managing SMS text messages. Hard drives and printers can be connected via the integrated USB port, enabling users to share or back-up files across the LAN, while a printer can be conveniently located and used by all connected PCs. The GlobeSurfer III is easy to use too, with just two buttons and a clear, color display screen, while unique Notifier software displays alerts and status information across the wireless network.
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