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Lifestyle Products

Facilitating the sharing of content such as voice, video, data and music on any device, anywhere in a residence. The home networking solution enable broadband operators and its customers to realise the digital home experience.

Technicolor IDOL

Technicolor IDOL
The Technicolor IDOL is plugged to the existing home stereo and connected to the Gateway. It works even if the computer is turned off. IDOL plays music from all types of online music services It has a brilliant 16/9 color screen to display album cover arts and nice graphical user interface. It has a dedicated remote control with a true keyboard to facilitate the search of an artist name, and to create/name playlists. IDOL has an optical digital audio out and is coupled with 320Kbps music delivery services (vs 128K on the web) : you can communicate on HD sound!
idol datasheet.pdf
Technicolor Portable Info Center

Technicolor Portable Info Center
As IP TV is usually restricted to a main fixed TV connected via an IP set-top box to a broadband gateway, the Technicolor Portable Info Center provides a multi-room broadband TV, video on demand and broadband entertainment experience, without the need to deploy associated cabling or own a PC. Furthermore, a USB port allows for the connection of a digital terrestrial TV tuner, a portable storage device, such as a hard drive or USB key, or a web camera.
Technicolor  MusicBox

Technicolor MusicBox
The MusicBox by Technicolor is designed to be a bridge between digital music and daily life. Connected to your HiFi set, you can enjoy the quality of sound that you invested in. Providing access to thousands of Internet radios, which are only a click to be played. Supporting a wide range of audio compression standards, you can play any digital music you have at home.The USB 2.0 Master port allows you either to welcome any visitor's portable musicplayer content or to install permanently a maasive USB storage device on which you centralize all your music which you want to access while your PC is down.The MusicBox is configurable upon customer request in areas like branding, list of internet radios, specific access to online shop and so on.
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