About Us

Since 2004, MARCOM Telecomms & Consulting (MARCOM), is involved in the field of Distributor to Product / Project Management and Marketing of broadband (xDSL) Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), conducting business with major South African and regional companies, as well as customising the overall product to individual customer requirements, such as software, firmware implementation on the product and specific customised packaging criteria. Whether, you the customer require a generic off the shelf product, or customised units reflecting the look and feel of your company profile, we are able to accommodate and cater for such requirements.

Our DSL CPE product portfolios of xDSL (ADSL, SHDSL) router / gateways pertain to the Residential and Business segments as well as its associated networking WiFi equipment. The modems range from the single user PC environment to WiFi router gateways for residential and business applications, as well as DSL VPN functionalities.

Of course our product portfolio strongly markets the VoIP concept and products, having also All-in-one solution in a box comprising ADSL, WiFi, VoIP functionalities. Naturally we also market the IP Telephony phones with SIP, MGCP, DECT functionalities. Our product portfolio doesn't just stop at the modem / router / gateway domain but also cover the Set Top Boxes (STB) with triple play functionality - Voice, Data and Video applications and now involved in Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) Broadband FEMTO.

We are also the official distributors for Technicolor, previously Thomson. With more than 95 years of experience in entertainment innovation, Technicolor serves an international base of entertainment, software, and gaming customers. The company is a leading provider of production, postproduction, and distribution services to content creators, network service providers and broadcasters.

Technicolor is the worlds largest film processor; the largest independent manufacturer and distributor of DVDs (including Blue-ray Disc) and a leading global supplier of set-top boxes and gateways. With this partnership, MARCOM Telecomms is moving into the next phase of Content Capitalisation were we can offer an End to End (E2E) approach on media services such as IPTV etc. to work seamlessly into our CPE product portfolio.